Step #3/3: Read till the End

My dream was to travel the world on my skateboard...

Money always held me back...

It stayed that way until...    I learned how to monetize my following.

A friend of mine introduced me to CEO.  I didn't know how to do anything at the time.  She showed me some accounts of "influencers" who joined CEO.  They had maybe 1100 followers.  The first thing she said was, "these girls made more money in 1 month than you did all last year..." That...seriously pissed me off.  I had been looking for years to get sponsored or partner with the right company and start making a living.  I had over 10K followers and I made nothing from that because I was doing it all wrong.  There are a million "influencers" who are willing to work for free.  So naturally, no company wants to pay for promotions.  


It's not all about the number of followers.  These tiny "influencer" accounts we're making 5 figures a month and I was still scraping change off the floor to eat at the drive-through.  That was rock bottom.  I didn't have much when I started.  But I jumped in anyway and my plan was to cancel before the 14-day trial expired.


I didn't cancel.  I invested in myself- and yes-I was super nervous.  Looking back, it was so minor.  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Now I'm 

My assistant


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